Executive Committee

Conference Topics

  • New Raw Materials
  • New Machinery and Production technologies
  • New Additives and Masterbatchs
  • Application in Water and Waste Water Sector (Main Pipe & Branches)
  • Application in Gas Networks
  • Application in Building Construction
  • Application in Modern Irrigation and Agriculture
  • Environment and Recycling of Polyolefin Pipes (Opportunities and Threat)
  • Quality Assurance and Conformity, New QC Methods and Tools.
  • Welding of Polyolefin Pipes (Welding Tools & Procedure to make proper Joints)
  • Underground installation (Procedures and new development)
  • Export opportunities and successful case studies
  • Macroeconomics Analysis and Value chains in Industry
  • New high tech tools for management decision support system

Member of Executive Committee

Mr Biuk Sahhaf Amin
Mr Saeed Zaman Zadeh
Mr Masoud Mahdavi
Mr Mohammad Ali Darbandi
Mr Mohammad ali Kordi
Mr Ali asghar Keshtkaran
Mr Babak Diyanat Pey
Mr Alireza Sahhaf Amin
Ms Mani Boostani

Executive Committee